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Who doesn’t know 101 Dalmatian and the mad Cruella!
Well, Disney brought back the 1997 Tv-Serie with a fresh new style, modern and colorful.
It was thrill to be part of it, working side by side with our great and talented friend Tristan Ménard as the Art Director.




Miklós Weigert
Jez Hall
Fred Martin
Joonas Utti

Production by

Passion Pictures Animation
Atomic Cartoons

Design Development

Meg Park
Anais Marmonier

Art Director

Tristant Menard
Abeth DeLa Cruz

Animation Director

Michael Brady

Storyboard Supervisor

Jez Hall

Character Designers

Andrea Torrejon
Andrea Torrejon
Caroline Lefèvre
James Castillo
Margaux Zinsner
Marie Ecarlat
Georgia Cook

Background Designers

Ada Polcyn
Joe Dennis
Louis Neubert
Eleanor Hunter
Tonet Durà
Brain Up
Melissa Choong

Colour Stylist

Brain Up

Prop Designers

Andrea Minella
Anne Rufin
Margo Roque

FX Design

Paul Torris