About us

Brain Up came in place in 2020 from the association of 2 friends from Steakollective. After directing their graduatation movies such as “Salesman Pete” and “Meet Buck” in the well-known school of Supinfocom Arles, it has been for them a great start in the jungle of the animation industry.

Throughout their career, these 2 great buddies have been able to both contribute on many projects from a bunch of different studios, ranging from commercials, tv-series to video-games. But sadden by their distance and wishing to create projects together, these 2 heavy-hearted artists decide to get closer in order to create Brain Up.

Determined and complementary, we strive to find great creative solutions for every job where our collaboration has specialized in the creation of original contents, development of looks and styles for any sides of the animation and videogames industry. 

We love to explore and challenge ourselves with new type of projects while maintaining a high standard and… have fun!

Vincent E Sousa

In 2010, Vincent started his career as a technical director and rigging artist but his devotion to colours and creativity lead him back to a more creative side of animation where he now, loves to create and direct projects. 

Combining his technical and creative skills, he can tackle a whole project from pitching to compositing with some coding along the way. Hardworker and very curious, Vincent constantly keeps looking for new challenges to break out the artistic routine.

Anthony Vivien

It has been more than 10 years in which his passion and good spirit has been in the animation industry. From visual development to art direction, Anthony shares his colored artistic eye and crazy ideas in order to find the best solutions in the sake of a project. 

Always motivated to take part of new challenges so he can plant his spirit and his spicy touch. All this lead him to where he is nowadays, a sharp, efficient and super creative artist.