SALESMAN PETE And the amazing stone from outer Space ! Pete is a nice and clumsy salesman. But he’s also a deadly super secret agent with a microprocessor implanted into his brain by some mad scientists from the government ! He has to secretly stop a bunch of badguys who stole a magic stone that […]


MUFFIN JACK Tv-Serie created at Ankama Muffin Jack and his friend Jeremy, a bakery store employee,kicking ass as they face off with evil creatures in town.    An unproduced TV show by Ankama Animation   CREDITS Directors Brain UpDenis BouyerMarc BouyerYann De PrevalMax Loubaresse Sound Design Mael Vignaux Additional Designer Pierre Blanchon Music Cyrille Marchesseau […]

The adventure of Luzu & Manolo

The adventure of Luzu & Manolo Tv-Serie CREDITS Directors Marc & Denis Bouyer Production Company Feed Me Light Client Disney XD/Maker Concept Design Marc Bouyer Concept Design Marc Bouyer Layout Posing Paul Nivet Animation Mourad Elias SedikiGuillaume Arantes Animation Clean Christine ShinDavid Martins da SilvaMarie-Pierre Demessant Videogame Animation Sebastien Iglesias Background Design Brain UpPhillipe Diop […]


OVALON Tv-Serie Bienvenue sur l’île d’Ovalon ! Lorsqu’il y débarque pour ses vacances, le petit William Webb Ellis est séduit par le sport collectif auquel s’adonnent les jeunes du coin, la soule. Mais ses nouveaux amis ignorent tout de l’autre monde, gardé par le jeune Merlin, celui des faunes et des gobelins. Un univers féérique et […]


ALMOST A HERO Mobile Game Almost A Hero is a RPG clicker games created for mobile platform.Mr. Edge was in charge of the visual development for a few levels in it. CREDITS Game Studio Bee Square Visual Development Brain Up Backgrounds


OCTAVO Tv-Serie Octavo is an original Tv-Serie in early stage creation by Brain Up.Stay tuned for the adventures of Octavo and his friends, cute and fun creatures from the Underwater World. CREDITS Directors Brain Up Production Company La chouette compagnie Character Design Marc Bouyer Animation Hugo Cierzniak Voice The kitchen Breakdown Images


BUGS AGENCY Tv-Serie Bugs Agency is an unproduced tv-serie project created by Brain Up and Steakollective. CREDITS Production Company Ankama Authors Brain UpDenis BouyerMarc BouyerYann De PrevalMax Loubaresse Additionnal Concepts Sylvain Jézéquel Backgrounds

The Scareaways

The Scareaways Tv-Serie The scareways is a canceled french TV show created at 2 minutes.We were in charge in finding and setting the style with Maxime Mary also as Directing the trailer. CREDITS Directors Maxime MaryBrain Up Production Company 2 minutes Literary Bible Charlotte GailledreauSébastien MartyCaroline LépéeRomain GadiouChloé Sastre Graphic Bible Maxime MaryBrain Up Storyboard […]


LE MONDE SELON KEV Tv-Serie Le monde selon Kev is a 52×13″ Tv-Serie based on a french comedian Kev Adams.We were in charge in finding and setting the style of the environments. A real challenging but fun adventure, trying to get a great look but bein efficient at the same time in order to fit the […]