It is a metroidvania-like game with a dazzling and colorful VR world. 
Soul of Kaeru takes place in a world filled with tiny creatures and inspired by the feudal Nippon era. Make your journey through different biomes slashing enemies from different clans, grant new fighting styles, master your enemy’s combat patterns or… die! 

Fight, Explore, Discover

As an old and mysterious samouraï frog, explore the interconnected regions, unlock new abilities to gain access to previously unreachable areas and understand the world beneath it, understand their hidden secrets and conquer its evils.


An Immersive World in "VR"

Explore with virtual reality a fun interpretation of a medieval Japan in a richly detailed and meticulously handcrafted environment.
Miniature worlds in VR make for a very unique and mind-blowing experience, letting you control your hero with fixed third-person cameras
but also first-person sequences in order to fix, solve and even kill titan-like enemies!




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